The Woodland Elves

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Take a journey. Take a chance. See the possibilities in the woods. Can you discover what is real and what is not? The mystery is waiting to be solved.

The intention in writing The Woodland Elves was to inspire a love of nature and a belief in things seen and unseen. Designed to expand imaginations through humor, fascinating characters, exciting adventures and music, the book coaxes us to think what might be just within our reach. Nature becomes a playground to develop friendships with all living things and from this, form a special relationship with life in the woods.

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Read the nearly-true story of how one human family came to know and love an entire community of woodland elves living in The One & Only Forest. This family discovered that any moment in life can present the gift of surprise. A moment of risk and trust revealed the most extraordinary miracles that were there all along. All beings uplift each other as they discover the common strength of everything alive. We all need each other, and there is no end to things of the heart.

A spirit of kindness and adventure moves through the forest as sweet compassion and joy is shared among friends. The family discovered that the reward for uncovering truth in the woods was the experience itself. The forest didn’t change. It was their relationship to the forest that changed as they experienced and felt it themselves.

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Don’t mistake the elves’ whispers for wind through the leaves. Readers catch their breath when they realize they almost missed the voices from the woods. If you dare to hear the voices, it all becomes clear.

The accompanying musical CD releases emotions from the woods in song. All ages respond with enthusiasm and delight as a floodgate of joyful emotions spring forth: happiness, tenderness, empathy, compassion and love.

Allow the elves to lead you through the forest. Read the story. Listen to the music. There’s magic within the pages.

The Woodland Elves has combined the talents of three elfin spirits living in adult form. Author Shary Williamson gave the book to Jay R. Johnston. Through his magnificent illustrations, he captured the personalities and feelings of the elves, the family and the forest. Russ Kendall and Shary created the musical rhythms of the woods and messages from the babbling brook, the trees, the moon and the small friends in the woods. Listen for the unexpected chorus from the woods.

Sit down with someone you love and enjoy The Woodland Elves.

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